Griffin line-out not working with 4BG Fuze

I am attempting to send Fuze MP3 output to external powered speakers via the Griffin Sansa dock line-out socket… USB connection from computer is powering the dock and charges the Fuze showing the charging screen, but no line-out music will play, I can only get the charging screen. When I initially place the playing Fuze on the dock I get only a few seconds of MP3 output (but enought to verify that both the Griffin line-out socket and the speakers are working) and then charging cycle screen takes over…

I’m using Windows XP SP3, 4GB Fuze, firmware V 01.01.15A. I have reviewed posts on this forum re Fuze and Griffin dock and other users don’t seem to have any problem using the line-out function of the Griffin dock while charging their Fuze on the dock… any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?  My external speakers play fine via the Fuze earphone socket…

First, you should really update your firmware by now.

Second, you can not use line-out on Griffin dock when connect to PC, use an USB power adapter instead.

ClieOS thanks for that response, I will explore the use of USB power adapter. For now I will hold off on the firmware update as this is all new to me, but I take your point and will explore that option once I understand a bit more…

Once the Fuze sees data on the USB bus, it switches over to a communications mode, and the controls are not available.  If you plug the cable that comes with the Griffin dock into a USB charger, the device will feed a line out signal, and will be usable while docked.

If you plug the USB connector in gently, about half way, the power pins will make a connection before the data pins, allowing the Fuze to be powered, and the dock will feed a line-out signal.

I use the Griffin docks in both applications, as a cradle when connected to the computer, and with an AC adaptor to drive the stereo for listening.

To support the Fuze, you can glue several of the little rubber supports (supplied) together, making a thicker “sandwich”, or use a little piece of foam to support the device when docked.