Great Live Music Podcast Site!!!

I recently cam across a Podcast site that is unbelieveable for those who love live music -  I have downloaded several concerts and have been grooving for days.  I found an REM show from 1985 & a Who show from their 1982 Farewell (ha,ha) tour.  I saw both bands on each of those tours…so great memories.  I also am a big fan of Americana/No Depression/Alt Country music, and they have the last ever Uncle Tupelo show before Jay Farrar and Jeff Tweedy went onto found Son Volt & Wilco.  I am listening to a 2006 Wilco show right now…SWEET!  If you like this kind of music and hit this site, don’t miss the 2 shows by Coffee Creek.  This was a side venture by the members from Uncle Tupelo.  They played only about a 1/2 dozen shows, all in St Louis where they mainly played a bunch of country covers…truly awesome.  But they have a little bit of everything on this site!!!

The recordings are mostly sound board recordings, so the quality is pretty good (better than the hand recorded bootleg tapes I used to buy as a kid), but they haven’t done much editing, so the sound is prett raw…and it is just 64kps.

I download the shows and when I sync using either Media Monkey or WMP11, they go into my music folders.  I move them to the Podcast folder because they are all about an hour each with no breaks.  I also have to do some renaming of the tags to make them easier to sort.   

Even so, I am a happy guy right now!

I discoverd the Smooth Jazz Sax Show podcast.  128K MP3,  1 hour mix,  free.

Check out the audio archive at (  Impressive and a lot of the files are in FLAC or OGG.  I particularly like the Live Music Archive.  All files are free.  You will keep yourself busy for a long time with music, audiobooks, poetry, 78rmp records and cylinders, non-english, etc.  Have fun!!