Gotta Have a Home

As a person heavily involved in the internet, I have a home in cyberspace. A “home” is where you showcase, in general, your interests and other such. I’ts like a profile but only bigger and more thorough. You can put links in, small articles, photos and contact.

I chose FrinedPages as my basic “profile” page because I could do things with it that I just couldn’t do with other profile pages

I was on Facebook for a while but there was a lot of stuff that I just didn’t like having to put up with, like some of the feeds and some of the self-absorbed idiot stuff that “Friends” were doing that found their way onto my page. If they give more control over that, I’d like to go back. It’s basically a good idea You can find my Yahoo! Proflie, which is what’s left of the abandoned and much better Yahoo 360 which I liked a lot. Had Yahoo! known what they wanted, that would have been a MySpace killer. You can also find my YouTube presence

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