Got my Connect today from Yugster, no wifi?

My only 3 options are Music Library, Photos & Video and Settings.

It did come with one video and it looks great.

If I redo the firmware, will I lose video capability? I think video may be more important to me than wifi.

Software versions currently on -



Boot Loader: 24655

And the system time is  - 1/16/70. I don’t see a way to change this?

I did just hook the unit up to my PC and can see the folders within. My Connect didn’t come with any software.

Can anyone confirm what their software versions are after running  DeviceRecoverySetup - File version ?

First impressions - I really like this!!

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The first post in this thread tells the before and after versions.

Update the firmware to get WiFi.  It won’t affect any of the existing functionality, including viewing videos.

all my software stuff is the same as yours except for the bootloader which is 49797, what does this effect?

i have the same exact problem as him, so plz help me too lol