Got a white screen.

I took it out of pocket and saw a white screen and then couldn’t restart as it would stay on the Sandik intro and not load just a red Sandisk on the screen

However thankfully when plugging into my computer it did finally recover and come back to life but this never happened before and wondering what caused it and if it is sort of vulnerable now. The battery was fine .

I had a similar problem during my first week of owning my Clip Sport.

I was testing one album I purchased from iTunes several years ago, with embedded DRM.

My Clip Sport froze and I needed to re-boot by holding down on the center button for 30 secs.

Since that nasty experience I have been converting my iTunes “m4a” files (old and recent) to standard mp3 files for playback on the Clip Sport.   ALSO, make sure your ID3 tags are v2.3, ISO-8859-1 (iTunes uses v2.2 with several extended data fields).