Google Is showing both version of my website

Hello my name is Ramona and I am an NRI who has come from Spain in 2017 and since than I have been staying in juhu Tara road.

Escoting is also my part time work. I have created a website
Initially I have interlinked my website without www. But I have put the 301 url Redirection to https with www. Google has crawled my index page. All pages are not crawled by still in Google search website is coming www and on some keywords with non www. I have attached the screenshot. If I search Spanish escorts in mumbai> tha. See the attached screenshot result is being displayed with www.

On russian escorts in mumbai, you will find the mentioned website in google search result without www.

Another thing for seo purpose. Inhave created a free website on a subdomain

If I will start submitting the created subdomain in number of directories, blogs and forums, than will it be the righ seo techniques for promoting the website?

Kindly provide me the solution for both questions. Why both version of the website is being displayed or submitting subdomain for offpage.

With regards
Ramona Kapoor

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It’s is happening because you have put structure data code. I am sending you the screenshot of the structured data code in which you have used without www version in website link.

I would like to suggest you to either change it to the crurrent version or remove the structure data code. Have look at that screenshot.


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I have seen that everything is going fine with your website it’s properly cached. Just have some more patience and wait for google to index it organically and start posting good quality backlinks.

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Thanks for the suggestion.