Good product for 3 days...

So, I bought this and installed it. Everything went fine and over the course of 3 days it slowly built up a cache of 20GB. Everything was running smoothly. Then the software reported an update exists and asked whether I want to install it. Foolish me said yes and ever since it loses all cached content after a reboot and starts again at 0.07GB. I figured that there will be a hotfix soon, seeing how that is a major issue with the software. After checking the forums, I see it’s apparently the most common issue. Slightly disappointing.

can you try uninstallling the software and doing a full reinstall? let us know if the cachinf stays at .07GB after reinstall. 

I have a similar problem as you. I updated the software last night and now it won’t activate. It keeps telling me that my key is incorrect/invalid. :cry:

Uninstalled the software, reinstalled after a reboot, still the same issue. Interestingly enough, it didn’t ask for the activation key at all, so I’m not sure how much the uninstaller really removes.

open regedit and go to HKEY_Local_machine > software > diskkeeper corporation and delete all the diskkeeper keys. reboot then try a reinstall. it should let you activate after that. 

So, a month later without any updates to the software, it surprisingly still won’t work. One thing I’ve noticed: The size of the cache is directly related to the boot time I experience. Ever since it failed to work properly, the more there is cached, the slower Windows boots. If I clear the cache and then restart, I have the same speed as I had before the “upgrade” - if I fill it up, it’s quite a bit slower. Does Windows try to fix the cache by silently running checkdisk over it? 0.07GB for life.