GOOD OLD STYLE... Perfect playlists

I used to have Creative MUVO TX FM MP3 player and I thought I would upgrade to Sansa Express 2GB. So I did, but boy what a hell of a surprise when I found out it’s NOT gonna play WHAT I want and HOW I want!

Perfect playlist is what I call simply… created FOLDER filled with MP3s of MY CHOICE!!! -no messing with ridiculous MP3 tags, no artistry necessary for creating playlists, NO! -just simple and easy: folder with files!

Why is Sansa Express NOT ABLE to this… I DONT KNOW -but I’m sick of it! To be honest I feel sorry for all the people complaining about complications with playlists. I’m one of them.

I only wish I never gave away my old player.

Correct me if I’m wrong Sandisk guys and there’s a way to have music organized as I expressed here.

For all the others, please, write your opinions. thx.

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Sadly, folder view is becoming obsolete.  ID3 tags are the future, while acid wash jean shorts and Folder view is obsolete… like Win98 (OH GOD! PEOPLE STILL USE ACID WASH JEANS AND WINDOWS 98 AT THE SAME TIME!!) AIEEEE!!!

Really funny reaction man, you really amused me :wink: -except that I use Vista good half a year.

And just because I’m not willing to juggle with all those ID3 tags (ain’t got spare few days to kill doing this) doesn’t mean I’m outdated as you’re suggesting. Anyways, thanx for reaction. Still… didn’t convince me.

Yeah, I know what you mean.  I never used ID3 tags, until i purchased my Sansa E200.  I put my music on the player, and it was awful… i didnt know what was this track, or that track…

I imported the music into WMP10 (at the time) and highlighted one, and picked “Find album info” and it would automatically find and add the requested ID3 tag information… for close to 90% of my collection.  That was a real time saver.  Then during slow times at work, I would pass the time away by editing the ID3 tag info myself just to keep myself sane.  Ever since, i look at other peoples music collections and become disgusted when I use their players and that ($#$$ is Aerosmith, and $%$# is Red Hot Chili Peppers) because they are too lazy to change it

Hell of a good hint with that WMP letting it to do all ID3 tags from the web automatically! That search engine is pretty smart. This time you scored mate, you got game, now we’re talking! :wink:

Well, thanx A LOT, you convinced me I must admit :slight_smile:

Hi all,

WMP maybe is fine but not everybody uses WINDOWS :slight_smile:
I’m looking a way to making playlists under linux for SE.
The perfect solution would be in MSC mode, but if is another possibility i will be also interested.

If there has already been such topic, i will be greatfull for link.
Thx for any help.