gone blank

The player worked fine earlier today.  Now it will only show a small square of dots when plugged into  a USB port.  “My Computer” does not recognize the player drive anymore.  (Window Vista Home Premium)  After I pull it out, the word ScanDisk appears for about a second on the LCD screen, then goes blank.  Nothing functions on the player after that. 

That makes two of us then.

I opened the box today and it worked just fine for about an hour. I had to upgrade the Media Player before it was recognized but suddenly I got the same behavior as you. Occasionally the display also shows some graphic looking like the player itself but only when plugged into the USB port. Windows XP Pro (Swedish) though…

Try using the device in MSC mode…maybe it’s better…also update to the latest firmware (1.01.05)


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Seems to help a lot of people.

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