GoList similar to queue-function (like in winamp e.g.)


i’m thinking about buying a Sansa Clip-MP3 Player but I really need a queue-function like there is in Winamp or Foobar for example.

When I’m listening to all titles in shuffle-mode and then want to her a certain song, i want to put it into a queue. The queued files shut be played automatically AFTER the current song. If the queue is empty it should just contunie with playing in shuffle-mode.

Am I able to do this with the GoLists?

Or do I have to put all the songs I want to listen to into a GoList, wait for the current song to end and then manually start the GoList?

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You can set the center button to “add song to GoList”, and add the current song to a queue for playback when desired.

To play back this list, on the device, go to Music > Playlists > GoList.