"GoList" Readable From PC?

I’ve found some old posts that indicate that the “GoList” is an internal Fuze data structure that can’t be read from the PC.   That’s what I’m seeing (or, more accurately, not seeing).

I’ve also found a post where the author claims that, using a program called “Sansa Playlister”, he could see his e260’s GoList on his PC.

I’ve also found a post where the author of Sansa Playlister says he’s updated it to run on the Fuze.

So, I wanted to check current knowledge about whether it’s now possible to display the Fuze’s GoList on your PC before I download and install anything.  The Playlister runs on the Fuze and I’m paranoid about messing up my Fuze library.

I’m a musician and find the GoList is a very quick and useful way to remember songs I’d like to study more while listening to them in the car.  Adding them to the GoList is faster (and safer) than trying to write them down while driving.  It would be great if I could copy them from the Fuze to the PC instead of copying them manually from the Fuze’s Playlist->GoList display.