Going to Europe... Is the Sansa Clip+ Compatible with European electricity? 220V

Going to Spain in June.  Does anyone know if the Sansa Clip+ compatible with their electricity which is 220V?

The Clip+ charges off of USB, not mains power. Putting anything above 5v into it will destroy the player. What charger are you using with the player?

I have plugged it into the wall using an iPhone adaptor and it charges fine.  No damage or it didn’t fry it.  I can also use a computer in Europe and I think it will adjust to 120 volts.  Most all computers in Europe can handle dual voltage. 

Yep.  It’s because the Clips use “USB power”–anything (such as a a PC or a USB adapter) that provides a USB connection should provide the power in a form fine for the Clips.