Going to Buy A Sandisk Sansa Fuze (4 GB) Soon

I have some questions about the Sansa Fuze (4 GB) before I buy:

-What kind of playlist features are there?

-What are the different ports of output on the MP3 Player (ex. USB)?

-How clear is the LCD screen?

Please let me know…  Thanks!!!

Also, I was wondering if you could check the amount of free space available while on the MP3 Player (without having to plug it into the computer).

The screen is clear. The player has a propritary connector and a standard headphone jack. The player will tell you the total space and amount of free space for the main memory as well as for a micro SD card that is in  the player. It lists these numbers separately for each. It also tells you the total number of songs on the player.

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If you’re expecting good video playback, do not get the Fuze. I have the Fuze and I have been very dissappointed with the vid, specifically the SMC. It converts video at a missaligned framerate and your audio and video will gradually go out of sync, so that even by 2-3 min, it is noticable that the audio lags behind. This makes watching anything longer than 5 min a pain the in the butt. And so far, the SMC is the only way to put video on the Fuze. If you don’t mind watching vid, then the other features of the Fuze are very good. But if video is a high priority for you, get something else or wait until Sansa fixes the Sansa Media Converter.

Not to contradict   you but, i’ve yet  to expierience any of the problems you’ve mentioned with regards to video.In fact,it’s been quite   the  opposite.I’ve even converted several two hour plus movies just to see if the Fuze could handle it. Everything looks and sounds perfect,no lie.

The video can be different from the audio, or not.  iPods are the same.  My coworker and I got AnyDvdConverter software and her iPod delays on movies with video and sound just as mine does.  I just did a movie this morning, watched half at lunch and no delay at all.  I do have to use the SMC to covert them after the ADC does, but that’s not a problem (actually the ADC can run at night and shut off your computer, and then I figure I could do the SMC at lunch so I’m never taking up time during working hours).

I think the screen is clear for videos.  I have enjoyed watching the movies since I got the ADC software.

If you want to watch movies or videos on a little player, look for one specifically for movies rather then music.  If you don’t want an iPod for this, there’s another message board call “anything but an ipod” or something like that and has lots of information and help for other types of players, ones more specific for movies.  I think someone said you had to save them different and you could learn how to do that from these boards.

I think the Fuze is a pretty good little player.  And I love the memory card to hold additional items.  I have one for audio books and this one started out being exclusive for my learn Spanish podcasts, but now is also for movies (since I don’t have another blank one).  Yes I can put them on a flash stick, save them on my computer, etc., but this way they’re all ready downloaded and ready to play on my MP3 player. 

Ok, i guess not everyone has the audio lag problem with the fuze. However, it is a well known problem and for the people who have it, including me, no one has found a solution yet. I would just be cautious about the video functions, but I do commend the fuze for its other functions such as fm recording (something new sony mp3s don’t have), sd compatability, and voice recording, and value. Understand I am reseasonably happy with my fuze and i plan to keep it, but the video problems really keep me from loving it.

Yeah,i don’t know.Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling the SMC?  This worked for me.   I feel bad for your video problems.As of today, i have fourty-three different videos on my Fuze ranging from 30min. up to 90min. so i know they can handle it.Hell, last week i had two full seasons of Dr.Who on this baby!  So don’t give up. 

Heck I Love my Fuze, over the weekend my daughter got it soaked in a rain storm and I called tech support and they said take it back to were you bought it and give it to them and get a new one. My jaw hit the floor and I was running for the door before they called  back and said  PHYSCE!!! My video is awesome I have several mini-merory cards and store all the movies on them and all the music on the hard drive.

I say buy that FUZE right now and get to uploading Music and Videos and enjoy, cuz I sure do!!! 

I have mixed feelings about my Fuze. The sound quality using 256 kbps mp3 files is great. The card slot is nice. Navigation by tags only is very annoying though, especially for podcasts. Many podcasts are missing some tags, or have slight variations in tags that cause the files to be sorted in an unexpected manner. The proprietary connector and proprietary cable are annoying, especially since I need to remove the headphone plug from the player to reach the release button on the player’s cable plug. On the plus side, the player has played every mp3 and wma file I have tried playing, including 12 kbps wma and 16 kbps mp3 files. For the price, the player is a great value. I was considering buying a different brand player with a full sized SD card slot, browsing by folders or by tags, and much longer battery life, but the other player was almost double the price of the Fuze. I wish a firmware is developed for the Fuze that allows browsing by folders or by ID3 tags.

@jk98: where are you getting 256 kbps music files? and how good earphones do you need to hear a difference? I use the sony mdr ex51 canalphones, which are much better than standard ipod phones, but still nowhere close to some good shures.

I don’t like the Sony EX51 earphones. They are rather inefficient, and lacking in detail. The Sony E888 earphones are okay, but a bit expensive. Some like the Sony EX85 or EX90 earphones. I haven’t tried them.  I like Sennheiser earphones. You could search the net for reviews of these. The 256 kbps mp3 files are from my CDs.

The EX51 is too inefficient and too lacking in detail. I believe they are only rated at 100 efficiency. There seem to be many earphones that are in the 108-114 db/mw efficiency range. A 10 DB difference in efficiency means the earphone will put out 10x as much sound energy for the same power input. The Sennheiser PX100 compact folding headphones has received great reviews and is only around $40. 

If you want good budget earphones, I suggest you try the Sennheiser MX400 or MX500. They are older models, but some websites still sell them for around $10-16. They are regular earbuds though, and not isolating in the ear ones.

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ive never had any problems with shortened batt life if that’s what you mean. I don’t listen to music very loud either, usually in the bottom 25% of volume. I am rather reluctant to pay money for earbuds because after using canalphones for a long time, earbuds hurt my ears and their basses have been weak imo. I haven’t tried the senns, so I cant speak for them.

EDIT:actually, the i read some reviews of the mx500 and they have me interested. It seems to me you have tried both the ex51s and the mx500? the only thing i don’t like about the 51s are that the very high sounds don’t sound too good, kind of harsh. Do you think the mx500 has better high freq while keeping the good mid and lows?

Just out of curiousity, what do you use for everyday earbuds? 

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@serengeti wrote:
@jk98: where are you getting 256 kbps music files?

Amazon downloads are all 256kbps MP3.  Good quality and no DRM.

I have several different models of earbuds that I have collected over the years. I have some Sony models that have been discontinued long ago and are no longer available. I didn’t mention them, as you won’t be able to buy them. Some of them are quite good. The EX51 has been around a long time though, and so has the E888. The Sennheiser MX400 and MX500 are basically the same, except for a volume control in the cord on the MX500. I have not seen any sub $40 in the ear canalphones that sound good. I guess due to the smaller drivers it is harder to produce higher quality ones than for regular sized earbuds.

“ive never had any problems with shortened batt life if that’s what you mean”

No, I mean high quality sound. The MX500 leans to the warm side, and is more focused on the bass and midrange. Some of the better Sony earphones(not the EX51) like the E888 are brighter than the MX500 and have better treble, but are lacking in bass. If you want better high frequencies, you also need to use high bitrate mp3 or wma files. High frequencies are what is lost the most with lower bitrates. I suggest that you use 256 kbps. I haven’t tried the Sennheiser canalphones(CX300?). Then there are Sure canalphones ($70+) and Jays($60+).

I have a pair of Sony canalphones I bought years ago. I am not sure of the model number. I am pretty sure if it isn’t the EX51 it is a model that is very similar.

Ear buds reviews post them here! a post with other earbud reviews and opinions.  I’ve been keeping my eye on this one…