God or no GOD?

I always believe in science. What do you guys think? 


I think it’s good! :wink:

It might be the biggest discovery in history, but where I live media

could’nt even understand what had happened, and therefore where

unable to report about the event in any serious way.

Our main teve evening news mentioned the found Higgs Boson

as the very last news of the evening, like a small side note.

Almost 50 years of theorethical physics comfirmed, the first scaler

found and one of the most impressive intellectual feasts mankind

has ever acomplished! Not to mention the impressive machine

itself, all the cooperation between nations and the skill of all the

involved people.

Take an hour off and look at the press conference, just to get a small

insight in to how fundamentally important this is:

CERN Higgs Boson July 4th 2012 press conference (full video)

If for no other reason than to hear the beautiful language used

by these very smart, rational and skilled scientists!

(I am convinced that teve, commersials, facebook and twitter has

managed to hollow out so many lifes that gossip is all that matters,

making even the least complex topic too hard to bother with… )

First pic ever of the Boson ----->  :robothappy:


![](http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Higgs-Boson+>+That+Bieber+bull bleep.+5+Sigma+assurance+bitches.+Ready+for_f27a07_3866515.jpg)

I believe in science as well. However, if it involves the origins of man, life, or the universe it is in no way science. Science is observable, testable, repeatable and falsifiable. The big bang and abiogenesis and anything atheists believe started the world and life is not science. Period. I believe in God and science. God is not science. There is absolutely no problem with it because real science and God don’t interfere. In fact, they work together perfectly. End of story.