"go" list on shuffel always sounds the same

By that I mean the order of the songs. How can I get it to shuffel differant?

Try starting it on a different song.

Adding or deleting just 1 track is going to change the mix up significantly as well.

Personally, I think if you’re recognizing the order in which the same songs are playing you either 1.) are listening to the Go List too often, or 2.) don’t have enough songs in it.

I have about 120 songs on it right now. I usually don’t notice but when it plays my one kate bush song, it will play a few others right after in the same sequence. THere are a few others that seem to be played near each other as well.

I have deleted a few from my go list that seemed to be overrepresented there, I guess because I always start in the same place.

But if it is truely a random go list, then it shouldn’t matter where I start, it should be differant each time. I am wondering how it makes this list. There should be a “scramble” command as well, for when you want a go list, but want it to be differant.