glich's in the firmware

the fuze+ model seem to freeze when i am playing a song sometimes.

while i am playing a song it seems to shuffle while it is off.

the fuze+ seems disconnect while i am charging it, seem’s to frozen. i try to reset it whitch works while charging it. can these glich’s be fixed?

Sure, buy another model like the Clip Zip. :stuck_out_tongue:

@krt47 wrote:

Can these gliches be fixed?

They *could* be fixed if Sandisk were to get off their backsides and do something about bugs like these. The Fuze+ has been extremely buggy since it’s first release. Seeing as how their last software update was from 2011, I doubt they are going to do anything to make this device work half as well as most of their previous players.

However, there is still hope. The device can run smoothly and reliably if you simply install Rockbox. Rockbox is a project originally intended to create an alternative firmware to some old Archos players. However, over the past decade, it’s been ported to run on a large variety of players, including the Fuze+.

Although the Rockbox website states that the Fuze+ port is “unstable”, I’ve found it to be much more reliable than the official Sandisk firmware. See HERE for instructions on how to install Rockbox. You can also find an official Rockbox/Fuze+ instruction manual HERE.

The Fuze+ IS one big glitch! :laughing:

Was this dropped by any chance? How long have you had this already if I may ask?