Ghost Album Won't Synch to Clip+

I’m sure this is not a Clip+ problem, but I have nothing to compare with, since this is my only MP3 player.  I have 393 albums on the 8G internal and an 8G external card.  One album (Highwayman by the Highwaymen) out of that list shows up fine in Window Media Player library but doesn’t show up on the the Clip+ internal memory.  The second album by these guys (The Road Goes On Forever) does show up on the Clip+.  So I decided to rip the CD to the external card.  That went fine, but the album still doesn’t show up !!!  Anyone seen anything like this?  Is it possible the meta-data on the original CD has some subtle problem?  BTW I found that the easiest way to make use of the extra space in the external card was to build a separate WMP library on a second machine and synch the card then install to the clip+.  The menu is very limited (Music/Artists) but it works.

Plz Ignore this post.  My problem was with naming of the album in the library  My bad…

Let’s close this thread with the final solution.  The first part of the problem is valid.  The album doesn’t show up in the internal memory of the Clip+, but the workaround of ripping to the external card DID solve the problem.  Why the first synch didn’t work shall remain one of the mysteries of the ages.