GF fubar'ed her Fuze!!!

My GF called me crying cause she couldnt listen to her MP3 player on her evening walk…and then she says “it says”:

I finally got around to having a look at it today, and it wont power up excpet to say the above.

I plug it in to look at its contents and it looks like the file names are all different…theres no music folder, no picture folder, etc.

If I could turn it on I could go back to the factory settings…but I dont know how else to do a reset without powering it up and going through the menu??? Ive tried the “soft reset” and that is no help either…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Thanks, that worked great! Back in business!

A repair of this magnatude should require payment in the form of some sexual favor from my GF(to me), dont you think?

I mean…this did take 5 whole minutes from my day, right?

Payment is a bad protocol. Gratitude, however, is her perogative to express.