Getting two files when adding one file to V2.0

The files have the same name. One shows 19608488 kB. The other shows 0kB. When I delete the 0kB one the other full one deletes also.

Are you using a Mac? The 0kb one could be a Finder file.

Mine was similar. I was adding files to encrypted folder and when finished, everything seems duplicated: folders and files. one shows size and the other shows empty. Deleted 0 byte file, the other remained but was unreadable. Deleted 0 byte folder, it deleted both folders. Nice encryption system to protect files! Not a Mac.

More experimentation with my problem, and correction on what I initially wrote. Folders shows one with xxx byte size, the other shows cero. Files shows both with the same size. Capacity utilization doubled, it was originally 2 GB, now its 4GB.  Both files work. If I delete one of the files, the other will not work. If I copy (decrypt) any of the files to other location in the PC, both will work.

Have you tried version 3.0 of SecureAccess?