Getting Started

I have been using a M250 for a couple of years and really like it. I’ll be able to open my 8 gig Fuze in a couple of days. I also got a 3 gig Clip for my Wife.

Been reading this board for a couple of weeks and here’s my plan:

Going to stick with MSC - won’t do any downloads - rip cd’s only.

Purchased a Sansa dock and also a Power cube for charging options

Will check and update firmware as needed before loading music

Don’t really care about synicing, playlists, etc. Mostly shuffle all

I just noticed my M250 is set to MTP, I have never updated the firmware. Didn’t even know about updates until I started reading this board.

I use Windows Media Player 10 - I have 11 at work, seems ok. I have not yet updated my home computer. Am I ok with the Clip and Fuse staying with 10?

Opinions appreciated