Getting Songs Off The c140

I just got a c140, and it’s a great product and I haven’t had any problems with the MP3 player itself. Well, I want to get some music files from the MP3 player to put on my computer. (due to re-formating my system) but there doesn’t seem to be any files there for me to transfer over. If I take the MP3 player out of my computer and turn it on the files are there and I can listen to them. So here is my question: How do I get my files off my MP3 Player?

What if you change modes on the player itself. Mine lets me do this by going to settings>USB.

THat or UN-hide files and folders on windows itself. Its done through the tools option. If you cant figure that out just let us know.

I’ve tried view the hidden files, but there aren’t any songs there. I also tried to changed the USB settings, but no dice.

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