Getting SMC to work

Alright, I have finally fixed the problem with my SMC not working, and I want to give everyone some advice on making it work. Note: I am merely retracing my own steps to the best of my abilities and I use a Sansa Fuze 4GB, I’m not guaranteeing results, but I really hope this does help you.

-Make sure you have quicktime, maybe even make it your primary video viewer. (this was the key in fixing an error I got saying that it either doesn’t recognize the codex or my file is corupt)

-Convert the videos you want into an mp4, I used Total Video Converter, but as long as it converts I don’t have any suggestions on the conversion program. 

-What I WOULD reccomend is making them into mp4’s, the other file types seem to lag a bit.

That’s pretty much all I have to offer, but I can’t stress the importance of quicktime in making it work for me. Here is the URL of the specific one I downloaded :

Good luck all, I’ll be happy to answer any questions incase I you need more details on what I did.