Genres showing up differently?

When I use WMP11 to my fuze, my genres show differently than when syncing with Best Buy Rhapsody Music Manager. Anybody else having this issue?

How are they different? Are they totally different files/songs with different tags? Or are they the same yet somehow the two syncs them with different genre tags?

I tried syncing some files with the same genre tags with both WMP11 and Rhapsody and they were all grouped together in the same genre on my player.

Some songs when synced through WMP11 showed up for example as a particular genre and than other songs synced through rhapsody showed up in a different genre. Those particular songs should be the same genre. I also doubled check the file properties and they were the same.

Anyhow I already found a solution. I was previously connecting via MSC and now Im connecting via MTP and everything seems to be resolved.