Generic Question

Hi all.  I’ve only had one mp3 player, the C250, but in general, is it standard practice to separate mp3 files onto multiple folders on the players, or just dump them all in one place and let the IDtag separate everything as you view it?

Not knowing which way is proper, I created a full folder structure on my computer with artists and then dragged the whole thing into the Sansa.  Now, some mp3 management softwares only display the folders and I have to open each individually to see the files.

Winamp somehow shows the entire list of files, rather nice, and actaully can play the mp3s which only WMP can also do.  Media Monkey, or Magix mp3 manager can’t play the files. 

I’m still lost with what is the way everyone does this stuff to get good results


Personally, I fiind it easiest and the most logical to file them as your computer does: Artist (folder)\Album (folder)\Tracks (.mp3 files).

The lists you see displayed on the player itself will be generated by the ID3 tags of the song files, so assuming they have the same information (Artist\Album\Track# & Name), the stars should line up correctly and moon will be in the 7th house. :smiley: