G5 PCI-X (or PCI) compatibility with the Sun ASY-90145 1394/USB2.0 card?

So there are a mess of used, PCI combo FW1394a/USB2.0 cards being sold all over which were for Sun servers (I’m guessing SPARC) during the early/mid-’00s — the ASY-90145 (375-3140-05). Try as I may, I cannot locate original tech specs for this card, so I lack knowledge of whether this was PCI 2.3-compliant (rated for 3.3V) or earlier (5V).

Otherwise, the card seems to have all the right elements — an NEC controller for the 5 USB ports, a TI controller for the 3 FireWire 1394a ports. But I’ve no sense of whether this card may work with the dual G5 2.0 PCI-X (June ’04) I use, or whether anyone else has tried one of these cards with their G5 setup.

Below are representative shots of the card in question.

Hopefully someone out there has had a bit more hands-on experience with this than what the 2019 internet can provide. Thanks.