Fuze won't sync!

My Sansa fuse was fine till a week ago.  The last successful sync was an entire cd, but when I try to make a new playlist to sync, it shows the progress bar to 100% & shows-up on the computer as successful, but neither the playlist or even just looking under artist is found on the fuze.  I thought maybe it was because they were from iTunes (though other iTunes songs have synced just fine) but even after conversion to MP3 fails to sync. Any thoughts??? I’d sure appreciate any advice… Thanks!

Roll all the way down the Music choices, past the first page, to click on Folders and see if the album is there.

The tags have to be in the right format for the Fuze to display Artist, Album, etc. It likes ID3v2.3 and tolerates ID3v2.2  . It doesn’t read ID3v1or ID3v2.4. Since it can’t read the tags, the files display in Unknown.

To fix the tags, get the free program  mp3tag


When you install it, allow it to add itself to context menus (choice during install).

After installing, go to Tools/Options/Tag/Mpeg and make the Write choice ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1.  Then find the album folder, right-click, choose mp3tag to open it. Highlight all the files and Save, and the version will be ID3v2.3 . Then take the old version off the Fuze and put on the re-tagged version.