Fuze Won't Stop Downloading

My 4G Fuze running ver 01.02.28A won’t stop downloading when I connect it to Rhapsody, even though I haven’t asked it to download any files.  When I disconnect the Fuze I find most of the playlists come in multiples of two for each playlist, one full of downloaded MP3s and one empty playlist of the same name.  I check the X down at the bottom of the screen to tell it to stop downloading, but the next time I connect the Fuze the downloads start all over again.  The Fuze plays the tracks just fine, but the downloading every time I connect is driving me crazy.  How can I stop it? 

Just general info, if it makes any difference:  My Fuze USB setting is AutoDetect.  I have an 8G MicroSD card inserted and the card is fairly full, only 2995 MB remaining.

When the Rhapsody 4 client is running, it will scan all files on the Sansa, updating the licenses to a date roughly 30 days from the current date.

The only “downloading” that will take place will follow this file checking / updating process.  The Rhapsody Channels will proceed to update, first by a deletion of the previously listened-to tracks, then new music will be downloaded to your device.

File transfers will be shown at the bottom of the screen in the status bar.  Rhapsody channel and requested transfers will alternately display.  If you have selected automatically updating playlists, this may be what you’re seeing in the status bar.

Click on the playlists tab below your device to see your lists.

If you have duplicates on the device, have a look in the R4 client to see if they list multiple times.  Do you have similar playlist names in use within Windows Media Player?

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Many thanks for your quick reply.  When I load R4, after the normal checking/updating process, then at the bottom of the screen in the status bar I see “Downloading and transferring 1 of 584 items to Sansa Fuze 4 GB (actually 8GB) external USB card,” then the same spiel for the 4GB internal memory, along with errors slowly mounting from 1 to 50 to 100 etc., and this goes on for a very long time, with me not deliberately or consciously transferring anything at all.  There are duplicate playlists ONLY on the device itself, and only displaying on the device AFTER the device is disconnected.  When the device is connected there are no duplicate playlists displayed under the playlist tab below the device in the left column of R4, and there are no duplicate playlists displayed in R4 after the device is disconnected.  When I go into Windows Media player, I see the same playlists for the device, but no duplicate playlists.  I hope I don’t have to format the device and lose everything.  It was a long slow process to transfer all these tracks, so long a format would make both the Fuze and Rhapsody no longer worth the time and effort.

I had a similar problem. My suggestion is to not let Rhapsody auto synch with the Fuze. For some reason, Rhapsody would always lock up and I’d get a message that it’s downloading and updating the Fuze, which it never seems to finish. To workaround the infinite downloading, connect the Fuze to the computer then launch Rhapsody. Log out of Rhapsody as soon as you can after launching it, before it starts updating the Fuze. You’ll probably get an error that the library failed to load. That’s ok. Now you should be able to access the Fuze through Rhapsody. Check out both Playlists and Channels and make sure these are not set to automatically update. Now when you launch Rhapsody and connect the Fuze, it will read the contents of the player but not start a synch. Then you can go to the Playlist and Channels menus and manually synch them. 

FYI I also ran into problems with Watched Folders. If the Rhapsody folder is in one of the watched folders, that seems to cause a logic loop with similar symptoms to the above. Once I moved my Rhapsody folder out of My Music, it was fine. I think it’s a good idea to keep the files I own separate anyway. 

I can’t thank you enough.  I’ve followed your instructions and now Fuze playlists do not automatically update.  Now I can read the contents of the player.  I can manually synch the playlists one at a time, but if I manually synch them all at once and leave them that way, I guess I’ll be back where I started the next time I connect the Fuze with infinite downloading and inability to read the Fuze contents.  So pardon a really dumb question:  Do I manually sync the playlists one at a time when I want to do anything with particular playlists and then unsync them when I’m finished and before I disconnect the Fuze?  This would not be a problem at all for me and I’m happy to do it.  You’re a genius, BTW.  The Fuze FAQ should have an addition called “Infinite Downloading” with your solution to the problem.

No problem, glad to help. I don’t think it’s a problem to manually update all of your channels all at once. Once Rhapsody is loaded and your player has been scanned and things settle down, you can start the update. I’m not sure about playlists though. I don’t often change a playlist after I’ve put it on the Fuze so I haven’t played with this as much.