Fuze won't download any music onto sd card

I have tried to use WMP to download music. I have tried to just drag and drop the files onto the sd card. Both of these lead to about 1 or 2 songs being loaded and then the datarate drops to 0mb/s and it locks up my Fuze. I have tried pulling out the sd card and putting songs directly on it. This results in an error saying that the card is “write-protected.” Anybody have a fix. Bout ready to junk it and figure out a new music player. 

If the card is having troubles outside the player, then my first suspect would be the card.

Can you try a different card?

Or test that one with h2testw  , which will tell you if it’s defective (or counterfeit–hello, eBay!) 


On rare occasions the Fuze does do weird things with the card slot.  Having the card in the Fuze just stops it dead.  I don’t think this is your problem, but if that’s what’s happening, you have to nuke it.

The solution is to take out the card, copy all of your own music (and anything else) off the Fuze and go to Settings/System Settings/Format and Format the Fuze.

That wipes everything off and gets the card slot working again, but you will have to reload your stuff back onto it.

The card works fine. It appears as if the fuze created a partition to stop transfers directly to the card if the card isn’t in the fuze. I might try reformatting the card in the fuze.

Windows Media Player does some weird things, but that’s not one of them. Did you use it in some other device?

I don’t think you can reformat the card through the Fuze menu. You can try formatting it in the slot from the computer. Use FAT32. Or format it in a card reader.

A good thing about the Fuze is that you can use MSC mode–straightforward drag-and-drop, with the Fuze and card working like any other USB storage. So if you can format the card back to empty, go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and switch to MSC, and just drag-and-drop the files. If you really want playlists, Winamp or Media Monkey will do MSC playlists, and you don’t have to deal with the quirks of WMP.