fuze won't charge

my battery drained completely and now it won’t charge when i plug into my computer. can anyone help???

try a wall charger?

My Fuze doesn’t like charging when attached to a PC.  Luckily my cell phone USB/wall charger works perfectly.  Look for a wall charger.  They are pretty reasonable price-wise.

Here’s one for 3 bucks! I got one and it has worked fine so far. I don’t use it exclusivly though, I mostly charge through my computer. My friend needs to use the charger for some reason.

The Fuze’s processor handles battery management as one of its primary tasks.  If the device is frozen, it won’t charge.  Try sliding the power switch up to the ON position, and hold it there for about 20 seconds.  Then try powering up as usual, or go ahead and plug the device into the USB port.

Does it resume charging?

Bob  :dizzy_face:

This just happened to me. Left it connected overnight and woke up to white screen and, when I disconnected, dead battery and shutdown. Reconnected and it showed connected but the battery icon stayed white and the Fuze didn’t show up in Windows Explorer. 

It was the cord.

I tried it with a different cord, and it’s charging and connecting just fine now.   Even a cord you’ve used regularly can just stop working. (This was a generic, by the way, that I’ve been using for months.) 

I’m new to the community.  I just follow your sugestion and it’s working immediately.  Thanks a lot for your help!!!

I tried my generic AC wall charger (using this is what caused this problem to begin with) and PC and it won’t charge at all. Tried the soft reset and that didn’t work either. I then tried my Duracell lithium portable charger I use for my cell phone and it works!!!