Fuze won't charge - shows "Connected" instead

It’s a funny one. Occasionally, my Fuze does charge. But mostly, when placed in a dock or connected to a computer, instead of charging it just shows “Connected” and “Writing”. It shouldn’t be writing anything, it’s in a dock! :slight_smile: Has anyone experienced this before and know what to do?

So far I tried formatting and restoring to factory defaults, no luck. Interestingly, factory defaults don’t really change much - the firmware is the same, even the date/time is the same. What’s the point of that operation then?

Restoring to factory defaults only changes personal settings. Does the (not) charging issue happen when using the Fuze’s connection cable to connect to your computer, or is it only when it’s in the dock? If it happens with both, it sounds like one of the pins inside the Fuze’s connection port might have gotten bent or is not making a connection for some reason. Can you try wiggling the plug in the port to see if it makes a difference?

No, wiggling makes no difference. Here is the funny part - it won’t charge from my dock or from my Win7 64bit desktop at home, but it does charge from my Windows XP laptop. Same cable too. I tried it several times on different occasions. I definitely think it has something to do with the firmware which makes it behave with XP and misbehave with everything else.

That’s normal…if the the fuze is direct connected to a windows pc…writing says its communicating…does it play, transfer files and do what you want it to do…then get used to the messages…Imagine if every electronic device didn’t say what it was doing like the last Samsung laptops with a keyboardlogger installed by the marketing unit…and you’re complaining it is talking to you.

Call the dock company to get an answer on how it doesn’t work…you didn’t list the dock your using…and you expect an answer?

This is definitely not normal tufur. I’ve owned this Fuze for a few years now, bought it just when they came out, and never seen it do this before. I know when the Fuze is writing, and when it isn’t. And when it is docked, it should not be writing. I have a second Fuze (gen 2) which behaves just fine.