Fuze+ WMA Audiobook issue

I’m missing something.  I download wma files from Reading for Blind and Dyslexic (RFBD) site, secure the license after I bring it up in Windows Media Player and sync the files to the Fuze+.  On the player I can see the audiobook and it’s labels, titles, and time; however, when I try to play the files I immediately get a “pause” symbol and nothing plays.  Any suggestions? I double checked license issues, internal clock issues, usb mode (mtp) but I’m clearly screwing something up.

thanks for any help

According to the RFB&D web site, WMA format books (AudioAccess) are downloaded using the RFB&D Download Manager, then Windows Media Player sends the files to your Fuze.

WIndows Media Audio can integrate license data (drm) using the Plays For Sure system (WMDRM-10).  The PFS system works by a dual-part license system.  First, the computer or device is authorized via a license key.  Windows Media Player can send the file to your Sansa using MTP Mode ,  which uses the Secure ID of the portable device.  Integrated in each encrypted file is a leaf license, based upon the authorized computer, and the device ID.

In short, files transferred from your computer to the authorized device will play.  If the file is transferred to a second device, as in a transfer between devices, the file will not play.  The system is designed to inhibit unauthorized copying.  Regarding files transferred to the microSD card_,_ the SD part of the name stands for Secure Digital, so protected media can indeed be transferred to the card, as long as the file is transferred to the card while it is mounted in the Sansa.  If you transfer the file from the PC directly to the card using a card reader, the WMDRM-10 system cannot access the card in the same way a when it is mounted in an authorized device.

First, use the RFB&D Download Manager to download the file (be sure it is WMA and not DAISY format) to your PC.

After downloading your audiobook, test to see if it will play on the authorized PC, by opening the file in Windows Media Player.

To transfer the file to your Fuze, you must use the Synchronize function from within Windows Media Player.  This allows the device to receive the transfer of protected media with the license data.  Dragging and dropping the file directly will not transfer the required license data. 

To access the Secure iD of your Sansa, the player must be in MTP mode, which is integrated in Windows Media Player 10 and later.  To check if your player software is capable, open Windows Media Player, and click on Help > About at the top of the window.  If you need to upgrade the player, click on Check For Updates, and install WiMP 10 or later.

The Fuze is normally set to Auto Detect mode, and if MTP is available, it should connect in MTP.  You can manually select MTP by going to Settings > USB Mode > select MTP, then plug in the Sansa.  In Windows 7, the Device Stage should open as the Fuze is recognized.  If you see the device listed as Internal Memory and External Memory, MTP is the active mode.

On earlier platforms,  click on My Computer.  If the Fuze is in the correct mode, and MTP is active, the fuze will be listed at the bottom of the list, under Other, as a Media Device.  If the Fuze is listed as a flash drive, with drive letters assigned to the device, the Fuze is in MSC mode (and protected media cannot successfully be transferred).  If this is the case, let me know, and we can troubleshoot this.

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Thanks for the reply.  To give a little more detail to your points–I’m downloading the wma (not DAISY) files to the pc using the RFB&D download manager.  I open it in Windows Media Player using version 11.  I secure the license by opening the first file and providing my RFB&D membership information.  The message verifies that a license is given.  I then make sure that files play in WMP and they do.  I use WMP to “synch” to the attached Fuze+.  I manually put the Fuze+ into MTP usb mode.  The files transfer and I can pull them up on the device.  I can see the RFB&D labels, the book titles, page numbers and time length of each file but when I try to play them I immediately get the “pause symbol”.

Separately (unless it IS connected to my other issue), what is the green circle sympol at the top of the screen?  I know the repeat, shuffle and battery indicator symbols but I can’t find anything in the manual about the green circle.  It’s close the middle of the top of the screen?


The green dot is a wonderful thing.  It means that your license is valid on the device.  Now, let’s have a look at that file, to see why it won’t play.  Open Windows Media Player, and locate the book files.  Right click on a track and select properties.


As a sample, I had a look at a BBC podcast in my library.  The file is mp3 at 64kbps , without DRM (under Media Usage Rights" it shows the file as not protected).  I’m most interested in the bit rate.  Check that the file is indeed _ wma Also_, under Rights, it should show license information.

In WiMP 11, you can look a little deeper into the file by right clicking on the track and selecting Open File Location, then once it opens, another right click to Properties.  Just want to see if it shows as wma for the audio codec.  I’m wondering if the Fuze+ might be having a problem with the bit rate, as audiobooks can be very compressed.  Off-hand, WiMP can dip all the way down to 16 kbps, but I am hoping that the file is 32kbps or higher.

I’ll have to experiment with low bit rate wma on the Fuze+ a little bit…

Let me know what the bit rate and codec display shows.

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I opened WiMP11 and right-clicked on a track for the audiobook on my library.  It shows the files as wma at 32kbps.  Under media rights it lists how long the file is licensed (one year), is not available for collaborative use, cannot be burned, and must be used on a device that can play subscription files.  When I go to file location and use properties it still shows the file as wma and 32kbps.  (That’s for the file location on my pc.)  When I right-click on an audiobook track on the Fuze+ through WiMP11 and click on properties I see all the file information and file type as wma but it also shows 0kbps. 

Thanks again for your continued help. 

No worries, glad that the file is 32kbps.  I have test files at 32 that play fine on the Fuze+.  Reading the data from the USB connected Fuze+, that’s interesting…I’ll look into that tonight.  I found information from the source website to look into as well.

Thanks for the update!  I’ll let you know what I find.

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Any update?

Any updates? Hello?

i have seen similar issues with some files from netlibrary. for some reson the files were being transfered without the .wma extension. look at your files and see if you have the extension if not add it. be sure to set your computer to show you the file extension first. if that does not work you ahve some issue with the DRM of your downloaded tracks.  

How do I activate my audiobooks?

sync them to the player using the tool provided by the service you downloaded the audiobooks from