Fuze wish list

Firmware updates for the current model:

True bookmarking for all files NOT JUST VIDEOS!

The 8000 entry database limt is still way too small for us audiobook users.  Many audiobooks on CD are mastered to have 99 tracks per CD. So loading a single 20 hour audiobook on the Fuze burns up over 25% of the database entry limit but requires very little storage since they can be encoded at 64Kbs mono (often less than 1GB).

Better yet, give me a system setting to disable the database nonsense entirely and just use folder navigation.  I never needed any of that database crap on my old 20GB Archos and I don’t need it on the Fuze either, so please let me disable it.

Add the ability to delete files other than the currently playing file.  When 'm listening to podcasts, I’d to be able to let the next file start playing before I go back and delete the file that just finished.

I’d like to have a numerical battery percentage status indicator on the “currently playing” screen.  The icon just isn’t good enough.

Finer granularity on the playback speed.  Fast, slow and normal just doesn’t cut it.  +/- 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50% should do the trick.

New model wish list:

A slightly larger form factor. Same width but about an inch longer (roughly the same length as a Nano).

And use that larger form factor to hold a higher capacity battery and a max of 64GB on-board storage and room for a regular SD card slot instead of the microSD slot (current microSD users should still be able to use their cards in an adapter).