Fuze will sync but when I try to listen, all it does is scroll through the songs

My brand new fuze (which is totally awesome) will sync the songs, but when I try to listen, all it does is scroll through the songs. Then it shuts off. Can’t reset it. The songs that came on the device don’t scroll through. Is it something with my music? The properties are the same as the songs at came with the Fuze. It synced and recognizes them…sigh. I just got it today, charged it, and tried to listen, then…sigh. I’ve been on the phone with tech people for a while. They said to send it back for a refund. Is there something they and I can’t think of? Help please! Vacation is in two days…I need music!!! THanks!

The characteristic “rolling through songs” without playing them is a visual indication that the Fuze is trying to access files that it can’t. Download MP3Tag, a free utility, that will allow you to see and correct the ID3 tags on each track.

The Fuze needs ID3v2.3 ISO tags on the tracks, or it will go haywire trying to locate them.

Skipping a few individual tracks is a sign that something is corrupted in the individual tracks. Often re-ripping the bad track will fix the problem.

If you are using Windows Media Player as your ripping engine, the computer must have an open Internet connection in order to pull the ID3 tag information online.

Hope this helps!

Bob :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m going to sound like a total doof, but who cares. What is an “open internet connection?” I ripped some songs using WMP10 and the songs are skipping when played on my Fuze.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.