Fuze will not open to internal memory

Trying to move music from WMP11 to Fuze but  Explorer only shows music already on the player.

Doubleclicking on Fuze in Win Explorer does not go to Int Mem

Disconnect. Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode.

MTP, is to interface with Windows Media Player. Auto Detect will choose MTP if it finds Windows Media Player 10 or above on your computer, MSC if not. But it doesn’t always work right.If you’re using WMP 11, you probably want to just leave it in MTP

The other mode, MSC,  should make the Fuze appear to your computer as two disc drives, one for internal memory, one for the card slot.You don’t need WMP to send music over–you can just drag and drop it via MSC. 

What Windows Explorer sees depends on how the music was sent to the Fuze. It can only see songs sent via MSC or MTP, not both at once. The Fuze, meanwhile, doesn’t care how they got there. So you may have to try both modes to see your music. It’s best to choose one mode and use it all the time–not that the Fuze cares, but it’s less annoying for you.

Thank you. that worked