Fuze whitescreened even after format

I have Vista SP3, the latest firmware on my Fuze (just updated today in hopes that it would help). I have tried formatting the device (didn’t help), I have tried soft resetting the device numerous times (both before and after both the firmware update and the reformat) to no avail, and I was able to access files on the internal HD before I formatted the device. I don’t know what else I can try to fix this. Do you have any ideas?

I would have installed the previous version of firmware just to see if this problem related to the latest firmware. I also have experienced some funny white/black/distorted screens on my v2 Fuze after upgrade to the recent release - it was intermittent and very annoying, nothing helped, so I just returned the player to the shop.

If the Fuze is still accessible from the PC, i.e. it still works, then it’s a display thing. You can try letting the unit runs until it auto shuts down, but that probably won’t fix it. Another possibility is to disconnect the LCD from the PCB, then plug it back in. That’s a last resort thing, when you’ve got nothing else to lose. It would involve opening up the unit, which has its own nightmares. If you are going this route, I can give some pointers so you won’t brick the player like I did.