Fuze wheel acting up, "rewind" jumps forward to next track

Hi Everyone,

I posted a similar message to Sansa Tech support on 08/23.  No answer yet, so I thought I’d give it a try here.

Lately my Fuze has been randomly jumping forward to the beginning of the next track after I press and hold the “rewind” side of the wheel.  It jumps forward when I release the wheel.

When it works the way it’s supposed to, the Fuze continuously “rewinds” the current track until I release the wheel, at which time it starts playback from wherever it was when I released the wheel.

At first I though this might be happening because I was navigating blind while walking, and pressing the wrong side of the wheel by accident.  But then I started to see the behavior while I was looking straight at the display.  The progress bar would move to the left while I was holding the “rewind” side of the wheel, then jump to the beginning of the next track when I released the wheel.  

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Thanks for your time,

Big Al Mintaka

Firmware Version: V01.02.26A

The firmware in the player might be corrupted. You could try downloading it again, and installing it in the player.

If that doesn’t work, then it might be a hardware problem.