"Fuze was meant to be like a Mini Multimedia computer." What's that?!

Im so confused…it that like internet or just like a…a…? Im hopeless when it comes down to electronics.

Ok Gigantic large font aside. The Fuze is an mp3 player. Thw Zune you mentioned in your Other Thread was desigened to do more than just play music, videos and display some photos. the Fuze is a DAP (Digital Audio Player) The Zune is (At least how we classified them in the Retail store I worked at) a DMP (Digital MultiMedia Player). Thats the Difference. The so you are not so confused, the 2 different players are desigened differently and are equipt to do different things. So NO The Fuze is NOT a Multimedia PLayer like the Zune.

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Edward or Jacob fan ?   LOL  - Alice rocked the movie :P  so did the music from Muse during the baseball game.

If the Fuze were meant to be that, I’d be installing Linux on mine. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a Linux for the Fuze (at least not yet), so I don’t think it can be classified as a Mini-Computer of any kind. The closest I’ve come to having a mini computer is my router that I can install Linux on.

When Rockbox is working on it, it will become somewhat of a gaming platform at least. :slight_smile: I am not sure though, if i should be looking forward to playing Doom with the wheel.

I think the strength of the Sansa Fuze is that it isn’t a computer that attempts everything, but instead it aims just to play hi-fi music in a very small package and at a very low price.

For watching anime and web surfing on Wi-Fi, I use an iPod Touch; I guess that’s good for getting a game on. Only for playing the super low-size HE-AAC (non-Apple-friendly) files do I need to use a cell phone (those files need CPU power).

And, for taking photos I use a Fujifilm camera.

For laundry, I use a washing machine.

No one device can do everything well.