Fuze vs. Mac

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Guy, Here is the response fron Overdrive Media,

"…That said, once an OverDrive MP3 Audiobook has been downloaded to your Mac computer with OverDrive Media Console, you can use your regular method of transferring (such as dragging and dropping) the MP3 files to your non-Apple device.    The default download location for OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks is ‘Documents > My Media > MP3 Audiobooks’."

Thanks for letting us know what they said.  Sounds like more Windows-centric advice to me.

I would expect no difference in the results between dragging and dropping audiobook files to the player as with music files.  Namely, junk files on your player that cause playback problems.  But the KopyMac approach should solve that problem.

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Guy, this may be off topic but,  I have  loaded  one audio book onto the Fuse with Windows version overdrive media. Before loading the book, using the progran “MP3tag”  I changed the “genre” the id tag to “audiobook”, ( it was labeled as “nonfiction” .This question has to do with the “resume or  playback from beginning” feature that fuse uses for audio books. Does the ID tag  genre have to be “audiobook” for this feature to work?  I’ve since loaded the book, rewraped the present and dont want to unwrap, reload and rewap the gift. PS happy holidays and thanks for the help:smileyvery-happy:

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For audiobook resume feature to work, either the genre must be set to “audiobook” or the files must be placed in the directory tree beginning with \audiobooks instead of \music, or both.

Another minor detail: if you use playlists, playlists can refer to both music and audiobook files, but not to podcasts.  So I change the genre of all my podcasts to PC and place them in the \audiobooks tree so that I still get the resume feature and can include them in playlists.


Here is my experience with the Fuse on a Mac: you must set  the fuse to MSC mode first( according to Sansa tech support).The Mac recognized it as a drivewhen plugged in.  I-tunes obiously won’t read it as an MP3 player so files must be dragged and dropped. ( I’m doing all this remotely with my parents over the phone) They downloaded mp3 audio books and were able to cut and paste  the MP3 files into the Fuse audiobook folder and it played fine. No need for the KopyMac program to remove any Mac file formating.  I have yet to walk them thru ripping a CD to I tunes. (Baby steps for computer users over 80) I  have got their I-tunes preferences set to rip to MP3 so the process to transfer music should work the same.

So yes audio books to the Fuse via the Mac did work, thank Sansa