Fuze Version 1 intermittant lockup

I have an 8gb version one that I just formatted and reloaded almost 1000 songs on it using Rhapsody after updating to the current firmware. Intermittantly with various songs it stops playing and I can back out of the menu and go to another song but it won’t play the new selection and shows the player stuck on the previous song with the album cover on it. I can sometimes hit the play/pause and it shows the selection change but doesn’t advance the song. Other times it is unresponsive to the play/pause. I have to power it down and restart the player for it to play the song. Any ideas other than the drop test?

Something is wrong with the the song that’s stopping it: the tag, the encoding, digital-rights management.  Are all the songs from Rhapsody?

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Think I might have figured it out after posting. All music is off of Rhapsody, and I finally had a song lock at 26sec twice. I reset the player to factory settings, format from the devices menu and set the USB mode to MTP from the auto detect setting. Then recopied all the music back over from Rhapsody. This morning I’m playing the same song without a problem. I should easily know if the problem is gone by this afternoon and will update.

Been playing tunes for a few hours throughout the day. Havn’t had it lock once where before I don’t think I could go more that 15-20 minutes. Confident that what I did fixed it.