Fuze takes too long to read micro SD card

I have a Fuze with  Firmware version: v01.02.31A.

When I power on the Fuze with a card in it,
it seems to take a long time to read the card and
(presumably) update the internal index.

Please allow a suggestion (to the developers).

Obviously, there is a point in the code where the
program becomes aware that there is a card in the device.
At that point, it reads data from the card and updates
the internal index.

I suggest a minor variation:

At the point where the code detects a card:

    Ask is there a file on the root folder of the card “index.xml”?

    No, continue (more or less) as before, but accumulate
    the data from the card - at the end of the read process,
    write “index.xml” to the card.

    Yes, read the index.xml file (which should contain all the data
    which would have been read from the card, but in one file.
    Use the data from the file to update the internal index. This should
    result in a substantial time savings.


The above suggestion would require that when data on the card is
changed by the device, the index.xml file should be updated,
as well as the internal index.