Fuze suggestion: 'more music like this'

I use my Fuze on full-repertoire shuffle a lot of the time.


It’s usually not long before a band comes round that I really feel like listening to for more than just one song, but the current interface makes really heavy weather of achieving that.  Not only do I have to navigate backwards and forwards

through the menus to locate the artist that’s already playing to do this, but in the process of reselecting them, it stops playing the (really good) current song before it’s finished to pick another.  Not wanting this, I dither, and before I know it, the backlight’s timed out and the menu context is reverted, so I have to repeat all the navigation all over again…that’s not easy listening is it?


I humbly suggest adding a means of seamlessly respecifying what collection you’re listening to.  Maybe this would take the same form as the ‘Shuffle [On / Off]’ menu item - a ‘Collection [All / Artist / Album / Genre / Folder]’ item.  The listener wouldn’t need to specify which artist, album etc. to use, as it would always be the currently playing one, and the current song would be uninterupted.  Lovely!