Fuze still will not be recognized on computer

I have read all the information I can find on how to make my windows xp machine recognize the fuze. I have gone through and deleted the usb mass storage in my device manager. I have restarted my machine and connected the fuze back up it runs for a little bit and then I get the same yellow splat in the device manager. I can start up my machine with vista and it recognizes it after it says it is installing a usb driver. By the way my machine has service pak 3 with all the updates and no other problems. What is the problem with making these run on xp. I bought 2 of these fuzes, I have tried to get either one to work on many machines and they both will not be recognized. I look on the internet and all I see is complaints on this very problem. It is amazing that this problem has not been solved to make it easy for everyone to use. Is it time for everyone to go to ipods with never seem to have this problem? Sandisk needs to take care of this problem or quit selling the product until they do take care of it.

Do you have Windows Media Player 10 or 11? If you havent updated that your only running WMP 9. WMP 10 or 11 will have the drivers you need.

Updating to WMP11 has always worked for me for MTP.  You can always use the MSC USB mode (in settings/usb mode) if you don’t want to upgrade windows media player.

FYI lots of people have trouble with ipods, go and look at their support forums.  There are positive and negatives in everything.