Fuze+ Skips or stutters during playback

So my problem is similar to the issues found on the Fuze, not the plus, where songs will skip or stutter during playback. This is NOT an issue with the headphone jack as I have been using it now for 2 weeks with 5 different pairs of headphones and no problems. Then today on my cycle home from work, ba ba ba ba, nothing but stuttering.

Ah, but then I thought perhaps it was the Duracell 16GB storage card that I bought and use with it. Nope, I put it into my phone and use it to play all the same songs tried on my Fuze+. So I tried with different headphones again, forcifully and banging the cord into the receptacle. Still the same issue as before.

Then, I find out that the songs on the internal storage still play even with the MicroSD card in and out and even when the skipping files still skip. In other words the issue is with the playing of files from the MicroSD card for some reason. But this issue only arises on this Fuze+ and no other devices tried so far!!

No idea what to do now.

Please help with any suggestions and please dont tell me to do exactly what I have already done unless you have something new to add or a different method I have not tried.

So if I understand the situation correctly, the only songs that skip are on the SD card and the same files play fine from the card in another device; is that right?

The Fuze+ should still be under warranty. Why don’t you call SanDisk Tech Support? The card slot may be defective or have a loose connection to it internally. If deemed defective, SanDisk will replace it for you.

“Skipping” during playback can happen if there is processor overload while the device is reading the music file.   If the player appears to be reading the files properly from the internal memory, there isn’t a headphone driver issue going on (if a headphone jack isn’t fully inserted, it can short one of the channels, but the Plus model’s jack isn’t as susceptible to this).

You mention that the problem arises with a 16GB microSDHC card.  The file allocation table is very large on this card- the FAT is the integrated “table of contents” or “index” that provides the information on where the data clusters are stored on the media.  When you “format” a memory device, this record is cleared.  The sansa works best with 32kb clusters on the memory, both internal, and for your removable card.

Windows likes to format with small 4kb clusters, making for a huge FAT, which might be the issue.  You can check this by using a reader, and checking that card from the PC, or using the Fuze as the reader if connected in MSC mode.

Depending upon your version of Windows, use the chkdsk utility from a DOS prompt, or you can do this from the Windows environment by using the Check Volume for Errors option, then expand the results after checking, you want 32kb in the allocation field.  Check your microSD card- it can be checked while mounted in the Sansa- as long as the player is connected in MSC mode.

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Is the play speed set to normal? Have you tried listening to the player with headphones just to make sure it isn’t an FM transmitter or receiver problem?

@jmsmrtn98 wrote:

Is the play speed set to normal? Have you tried listening to the player with headphones just to make sure it isn’t an FM transmitter or receiver problem?

The OP stated very clearly that he had tried 5 pairs of different headphones. Nowhere did he mention anything about a FM transmitter or receiver. Where are you getting this?