Fuze - Shuffle - Not

Is there a way to set the Fuze to shuffle but mark certain individuals albums NOT to be included in the shuffle. There are some albums that I would only want to listen to from start to finish, not individuals songs in a shuffle.


Create a playlist with all songs except those from albums you want excluded. Run playlist with Shuffle on.

And if you’re lazy like me and forget to turn Shuffle off, you can use Audacity to create one large, continuous mp3 file for each album and save that to your Fuze instead of the individual tracks.

I’ve done that for Broadway musical albums and symphonic recordings so I’m assured the tracks will play in order regardless of the Shuffle setting.

I move albums that should be played in order to my Audiobooks folder.

Use the genre tag. Give all the music you want to shuffle the same genre(for example rock) and give the music you don’t want to shuffle a different genre. Then use the genre menu and select rock and shuffle mode. You could give the music you don’t want shuffled the podcast or audiobook genre tag, but then that music won’t be in the music database, and then can’t be in a playlist, and won’t be in your song list.