Fuze screen issues

I have a fuze that has a screen issue at times where the screen blurrs and you cannot read it and the device is very hard to navigate when this occurs.  I suspect that the os needs to be re-installed but I’m wondering where to download it from. Is the firmware considered the os on these?  I just bought  4 of these from tiger direct about 2 months ago or so and am just having the problem with one of the devices.  They were all refurbished and not sure if they are returnable after 30 days.  What are my options?  The firmware version is 02.02.26a

Try resetting the unit by sliding the spring-loaded power switch up and hold it there for a good 20-30 seconds. Release and see if it will then start up normally.

Moreover for updating the OS,follow the link :- http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4/~/sansa-player-is-frozen-with-the-blue-ring-illuminated

If not, return it to where you bought it or contact SanDisk directly for a replacement under their 1-year warranty.

@nayan007 wrote:


If not, return it to where you bought it or contact SanDisk directly for a replacement under their 1-year warranty.

Whoa, hold on there Bucky! :dizzy_face:

The OP said this was a re-furb bought from Tiger Direct with only a 30 day warranty , and that he has already had them 2 months. SanDisk only warranties new products, _ not _ re-furbs, so he’s out of luck.

If the reset doesn’t work, and I don’t think that it will, updating the firmware will do nothing either.

Exactly right there!  Guess I’m probably out of luck!

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