Fuze schematics


Does anyone have or know where i can get a copy of the schematics? I need to replease my screen, and ear phone jack. In addition i want to find where the antenna for the radio connects.


Nope they have not been “made public” the folks at rockbox have it pretty much figured out though. I can tell you this… your headphones are your antenna so the antenna connects at the headphone jack beyond that I dont know much. Check out Anythingbutipod.com for their photos of the fuze deconstructed, also check out rocbox’s website for internal hardware information thats more specific.

thank mate…I know i will get this screen replaced.

I believe the Fuze’s LCD screen is connected via a ‘socketed’, or plug-in ribbon cable, as opposed to the non-replaceable soldered-in one in the e200 series. If you can pick up a uit off E-Bay with a different problem (not LCD) you should be able to swap them out.

The problem will be finding one at a cheap enough price that doesn’t have an LCD issue to make it worthwhile.

Like others have said, schematics are proprietary and you won’t find 'em. LCD connects with a ZIF cable (good luck finding one). Antenna connection is “ground” contact in headphone jack. It runs to an inline cap, then to the FM chip. It also has to make connection to the SOC amp output phantom ground (hard to follow on the multilayer board).

Note: that the headphone jack “ground” is not tied to DC ground like most portable equipment. This is due to the specialized phantom ground amp setup. There is no direct connection to any pin on the 30 pin connector, which translates to no available FM antenna connection on the 30 pin connector. Findings are for V1.2,1.3 & 1.41 boards, have not checked a V2.x board yet.