Fuze+ quit playing, unresponsive, won't shut down

I got my Fuze+ about a month ago, and a few minutes ago, in mid-song, the music stopped and it started buzzing, and none of the buttons respond.  What’s next?  Wait for the battery to drain, plug it in when I get home and hope it works?  Just f***ing GRAND!!

nope just hold the power button until it shuts down.

You need to reset it. Hold the power button for at least 20-30 seconds (it may shut down before then, but the longer press will ensure that the player resets instead of just shuts off.)


Odd, mine just did this as well. Thanks for the reset tip!

This has happened to me time or two, as well. Is it just me, or does this seem to happen more with *.m4a’s than anything else?

Exactly the same here… Can’t compare to other formats insce I only have m4a files on my fuze… very strange thing :cry:

never had this with 500x500px .jpg tagged into 128kbps MP3s ripped using WMP11

I agree with you this is very effective. :wink:

@doughlas789 wrote:

I agree with you this is very effective. :wink:

Why don’t you just use this in your posting flood.



Mine does the same occasionally even with the current firmware. It’s the first player I’ve have to do this. And I bought some cheap no-name ones before. Quite disappointing to see this from Sandisk.