fuze problem with video

Hi. I just got te new Fuze. Great! No problem syncing music but cannot add video or pictures as the software says no player connected. It is listed in My Computer but not in the safely remove  hardware icon in the toolbar. It has the latest firmware and was formatted.  The converter software tells me I have the latest version. Can some knowlegable person please help? Thanks in advance.

What is your OS?  Need to be WinXP SP2 or higher for SMC to work.

alrobkay wrote: 
… The converter software tells me I have the latest version…

Also, ignore that Sansa Media Converter says you have the latest one, tell us what build you have.  (Click on the words Sansa Media Converter at the top of the window when it is opened.)  You should see at least B004.236 in the version.