Fuze not staying connected


Ok the issue seems to be the Fuze blinking on and off when connected to my computer or I should say my computer seeing it then not… I re connected the USB and Fuze end to the Fuze i have tried all 3 USB ports… Just keeps kicking on and off * reconnecting*. making downloading a pain…  it had stayed connected long enough to get a bunch of music to it and even stayed long enough to charge twice…  I have another unit coming this week for myself and will try the cable with that one to see if it’s any better… Untill then any other suggestions? Thanks! George


Is anyone else having this issue? I just got my 8GB player today connected it and it’s doing the same thing as the wife’s did only faster * Blinking on and off staying connected and not*. I have 3 USB ports on my laptop and if I swap ports I find it will eventually stay connected to charge. It seems that the same port don’t work consistently.  But really don’t want to crash the firmware in the Fuze!  Please help!  I running XP . Thanks! George

I don’t know if this might be the problem, but others have posted claiming it was the laptop computer’s fault. Not enough juice to the USB ports or something like that. Their problems stopped and things returned to normal when they connected to a desktop pc.

Along those same lines, some people have problems connecting to their desktop computer using the convenient front USB port. And their problems stopped when they used a port in the backside.

I know, it doesn’t sound like it would matter, but obviously it does. Picky eaters, these Sansas! :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thought . . . it could be the USB cable (bad connection). Does it change (for the better or worse) if you try wiggling it around while it’s plugged into your FUZE?

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I have two players and changed cords! Thanks for the tip on using a desktop,I’m give it a try …  I did try wiggling the plug on both ends and on both cords… Both units act up in my laptop it seems. Going to try my wife’s desk top tomorrow!! Thanks again!!! George

Do you have power management enabled? If you do try disabling it in windows and Bios.




jdelgado, Thanks I’ll give that a try also!  The rate of it connecting and disconnection is about 10 times in every 10 mins or so.  Again blinking… George

Laptops can be finicky with USB accessories.  There are quite a few compromises in the struggle to squeeze as many hours as possible from the internal batteries of a laptop.

Be sure, if you’re charging the Sansa, or loading music, that the laptop is running on “shore power”, and the AC adaptor is providing juice.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Bob, Yep it’s plugged in the the wall 24/7 as my battery for the laptop is not worth much anymore! I use it like a desktop computer… Thanks! George