Fuze not seen by PC after using car charger

I have searched several boards and have not found this particular problem.

My Fuze works great until I connect it to my car charger. Something happens then and it suddenly doesn’t take the charge from the car or from any computer. When I first plug it in, it briefly shows the “charging” icon, but then that disappears and it goes to the generic “connected” screen. At the same time, no PC will recognize it – it doesn’t show up at all, not even as a generic USB device.

I think the car charger does something goofy to the connection. I don’t have a dedicated car charger; I have one that plugs into the power socket, with a USB port. Could that be what’s causing the problem? If so, any thoughts on how to fix this? (Please don’t say “reset” or “change USB mode.” See below.)

I have tried it on three different PCs, two running XP and one running Windows 7, all three totally up to date with all SPs, etc. The Fuze is running v02.03.33A.

Detail and Background: 

This is the second time this has happened (I thought the first episode was an anomaly). The first time I went through every suggested solution including two very lengthy sessions with Sansa tech support, which resulted in them telling me to reset the device. Since I had already done several times, with and without their guidance; I’m not inclined to call back (no disrespect intended). I have done that repeatedly this time, too, as well as formatting the device, trying different USB modes, wiggling the cable, etc. Nothing works.  

Frankly. I don’t know what I did to solve it the first time. It just started working again after about 30 tries. Really, it seemed completely random. (I do try to be scientific about this – not trying three things at random or simultaneously.)

Right now I’m just trying to run the battery out altogether. I don’t know why I think that would work, but wotthehell.


I do not think this has to do wtih the PCs or drivers or cables or firmware. My husband has the identical model and it works fine on the same PCs using the same cable.

Does anyone have a suggestion? (I’ll definitely not try charging it in the car a third time.)

If I do solve this myself, I’ll post a followup.

Thank you.

Hope you can fix it. I wonder if a pin in the cord or connector got bent.

I suspect that the “universal” USB car charger delivered too much juice and confused the gizmo. Left it connected all night and it picked up a little bit of a charge from the PC, not much. Reset it. Still invisible. Will probably have to trash it.